National Cell Phone Directory
15 March 2014 - How the National Cell Phone Directory is a useful Phone Directory Cell phone numbers have been excluded from printed telephone books and directory assistance. Even though there is no National Cell Phone Directory, we will describe how it is useful a phone directory and how it is possible to find alternatives. This directory helps people in finding out who called their cell phone. It can be caller that the number has been on a phone or a one-off caller who didnt leave a voice message. People do not like to the idea to have a national cell phone directory, because telemarketers would be able to contact people easier. So far, most cell phone numbers are fairly private and most cell phone customers like it this way. The national cell phone directory would be helpful in finding cell phone number owners, however, you can find the cell phone numbers online. Other choices in National Cell Phone Directory, is reverse cell phone search. Most of the companies online are actually free, and because there are so many of these companies, research is important. When you do this type of ... continue

Cell Phone Directory
14 April 2014 - Is a cell phone directory very useful? Actually, cell phone becomes one of the most essential apart of our life. It is very important to us. I think that now no one can leave it. If you forget to take it with you in anyplace, you will feel that you have missed something important. Cell phone directory becomes a very popular service. Directory is an important part of cell phone where you can save the names and address of anyone you want. Cell phone directories are the main source of information to get in touch with any one. The cell phone directory is updated regularly, because people change their numbers frequently. The cell phone directory service has several uses. The phone directory contains all the phone numbers of people using phone services, because this type of information is public and people can find them and use them any time they need. You can also follow your old friends and classmates through it. If you receive any annoyance from any person, you can identify the person behind these calls and their locations. It is also a legal process as long as it is used for lawful... read more

Cell Phone Directory By Number
12 April 2014 - Cell phones are at the top of the technology triangle, with new and unique models being released at a lightning pace. The future is here! One of the major advantages of cell phones is the available directory list. With the price of memory dropping like gravity, cell phone directories can easily keep ALL of your contacts. The index of most phones allows you to just key in the first few numbers that you are trying to dial and the phone will match the number with the person holding the number. The major advantage of having a directory within a cell phone is the portability. In theory, there is no reason that you can't carry every single contact wish to keep. Just make sure that after the number has been dialed once... or received once... that it is locked in and given a name. One of the integral parts of cell phone directories is making sure that the contact person is correctly linked to the number. A common nightmare is when someone has saved a number in the directory and attached it to the wrong number! ouch!! While there is no sure fire way to avoid this, the best thing to do... more

Cell Phone Directory By Name
24 April 2014 - CellPages.com is an online based system in which anyone can sign up for and have full access to a cell phone directory. There are 3 basic ways to search by: (1) by cell phone number, simple nine digits; (2) search by name, last name and location is required but first and middle initial is an added option to help refine your search; (3)search by Google geographical area, which allow you to search by any state or canada territory within North America. CellPages is supported carefully at the developers own hand, and everyone on CellPages is confirmed via tex message to opt-in and be listed. CellPages allows

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you to have complete control of your listings by using password requirements, allow/disable search permission, yes/no address street options, blind texting (doesn't reveal your number allows secure contact quick messaging), listing groups (good for social networking and listing business with business), and best of all its free for anyone to search, and its free for anyone to list! The primary mission CellPages focuses it attention towards is eliminating the 411 as a popular mob... read

Reverse Cell Phone Directory
19 April 2014 - Now and days you can find anything or anyone with the help of the internet even if you are not familiar with the internet. Reverse cell phone directory comes in handy when we are trying to locate or find information about someone, is easy to use if you know where to look at. If you want strong facts and solid information you sometimes need to pay a fee, which means that you pay to used it once or even buy a membership. I have used it a few times it has help me find the address and complete name of a person that had only given me their number and first name. The difference with reverse cell phone directory and the old yellow pages or white pages is that not only can you find information faster but you can also cross check the name and numbers until you are left with one you are looking for. You dont have to be a private investigator or a cop to find someone, with the internet its getting easier and faster to locate whomever you want, even if they dont want to be found. There are websites that help you search for the person you are looking for, you can even do backgroun... read

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Cell Phone Directory
Is a cell phone directory very useful? Actually, cell phone becomes one of the most essential ap...

Cell Phone Directory By Name
CellPages.com is an online based system in which anyone can sign up for and have full access to a ce...

Reverse Cell Phone Directory
Now and days you can find anything or anyone with the help of the internet even if you are not famil...